Not only do we process plastic films, metallic-foils, and other materials into rolls or sheets, but we can also supply and deliver those products right to your door! This process includes laminating other materials such as double-sided protective film.

We can process film materials into all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  1. Processing is done in clean rooms.
  2. Capable of simultaneously laminating up to three layers of materials, while slitting and cutting processes are done in a single procedure.
  3. Manufacturing is based on bulk quantities and small quantities.

Processing Details

Slitting Cutting
Material Thickness 4 ~ 500μm Material Thickness 50 ~ 500μm
Roll Core Standard 3" or 6" plastic inner core Processing Width max.= 1700mm
Processing Width Original Roll max. width = 1700mm
Processing min. width = 4mm
Processing Direction max.= 1320mm
Processing Materials Hard films, flexible films, metallic foils, laminated metallic foil films

Processing Samples

  • sample
  • sample
  • sample
  • sample

We also provide processing services in other specs not mentioned on this web page.Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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