Our PRINTING and SHEET LAMINATION services include laminating printing ink materials onto surfaces of film and plastic sheets.

Equipment suitable for multi manufacturing and multi-layered printing is used for laminating different sheets onto the printing film. We also provide services in laminating different types of sheets for each printing film.

The Screen Printing Mechanism

  1. The use of screen printing most suitable for small-scale prints.
  2. The perfect solution for films and plastic sheets using all-purpose materials or optical materials.
  3. Printed in ISO class 7 clean rooms.

Processing Details

Size Single-layered printing:
max. 800 X 800mm
Multi-layered printing:
max. 650 X 650mm
Size max. 420 X 460mm
Printing Thickness 4 ~ 200μ Laminated Film Thickness 50 ~ 500μm
Drying Temp. normal temperature ~ 200℃ Examples of Use 1. film on film
2. film on plastic sheet
3. film on glass
Processing Material Thickness 38μ ~ ;2mm

Processing Samples

  • sample
  • sample
  • sample

We also provide processing services in other specs not mentioned on this web page.Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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