PANAC: All you need for functional film

PANAC is made up of two distinct sides of one coin : trading and manufacturing.

Practical plastic film, whether on Smartphone touch screens, or transit passes makes up a variety of uses in our daily lives. From development to manufacturing and supplies, from conversion to sales, we offer new ideas and uses of functional film designed to your specific needs.

PANAC's Three Main Pillars

Proposing and Realization
With over 50 years of service, we can answer all of your questions and fulfill requests better than anyone else.
With us, your ideas become a reality.
International Branches
Apart from our domestic branches, we have locations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China (in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Shenzhen) that manufacture your products and deliver them to your door.
Integrated Manufacturing
Our group will work with all of your needs, from manufacturing to conversion and hands-on supply.


GELPOLY® is a self-adhesive film with very easy application and removal, perfect for your POP advertisement needs. This special heat-proof, high-transparency film will prevent scratches and stains.
It's the perfect solution for protection and handling!
PANACLEAN® film offers strong adhesion and high-transparency for display devices and other optical surfaces. Our functional film meets industrial standards and can be used in a variety of optical situations.

Processing and Service

It's the perfect solution for cutting plastic film, metallic foils, and other materials into any size necessary. Ask us to punch and stamp functional film, metallic foils, and other constituent materials into different shapes, based on your requests. We offer services in creating new variations of functional film, through application of painting agents such as adhesive coating and hard coating onto the surfaces of film and metallic foils. The right choice for printing a variety of designs onto film.
We also attach the adhesive film onto the printing surface as well.
This special method pastes together film that are difficult to attach, without any use of solvents.