PANACLEAN® is an optical adhesive film designed to excel in optical properties and durability.

It uses high transparency acrylic adhesives and is perfect for bonding optical components together. PANACLEAN® is perfect for display devices, touch panel products, and other products.

Baseless optical adhesive film Applied and laminated onto various optical film

  1. Superior optical properties and durability. No yellowing through heating or humidification.
  2. Strong bonding with solid adhesion. (Meets the standards of reworking with the material)
  3. Less adhesive spill-outs from the edges; does not contaminate other materials.
  4. Uses highly-flexible adhesive, preventing foam bodies from forming on different levels.
  5. Effective in repressing corrosion of ITO (transparent conductive film) and metallic surfaces.

PANAC is here!

  • For bonding glass, acrylic materials, and varieties of optical functional film.
  • Used as fixed adhesive film on anti-scattering surfaces and on printed icon sheets.


  PD-S1 PD-R1 PD-R5
Advantages of Adhesive Layers Excellent Adhesion Excellent Ability to Reworking Low Metal Corrosiveness
Light Transmittance*1 92.8 92.6 93.0
Haze (%)*1 0.4 0.4 0.3
Adhesive strength for glass*2
RT x 30min 15.5 3.6 16.7
23℃ x 65% x 24h 18.5 5.5 17.9
Endurance Testing RT x 500h No film detachment or yellowing No film detachment or yellowing No film detachment or yellowing
90℃ x 500h
65℃ x 95%RH x 500h
-20℃ x 500h
Ability to Rework
(against glass) *3
Adequate Excellent Excellent
Endurance of Metal Film Corrosiveness Adequate Excellent Excellent
Notes Measurements using film types with 25μ thickness
  1. Measured when laminated to glass. (Total light transmittance of glass:92.6%, haze: 0.04%)
  2. Peeling angle: 180°, peeling speed: 300mm/min.
  3. Evaluation done by hand. The above table represents central values, not guaranteed performance.


  PD-S1 PD-R1 PD-R5
thickness μm 25 / 50 / 100 25 / 50 25 / 50
material width mm 1330(1270 usable) 1330(1270 usable) 1330(1270 usable)
forms of material - Roll Roll Roll



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