You may be surprised to hear that the world around us is full of thin, flexible, and durable plastic film.

Take a glance at touch screens on Smartphones or optical screens on PC display devices.
From transit passes to satellites orbiting around the earth, plastic film makes up a significant part of our lifestyle.

PANAC develops and processes functional film by using technology such as adhesive conversion, specialized surface coating, and metallic foil lamination. Over the years, we have supported products from major film manufacturers including Fujifilm Corporation and TORAY Industries Inc., as well as converting and selling other materials categorized into the field of industry, optics, and electronics.

Film products may attribute themselves to having different functions with our surface coating technology: low reflection, anti-statics, UV protection, better adhesiveness, anchor coating and more! During the manufacturing of optical parts and electronic parts, our products are also used as processing materials for surface protection and transport.

We fulfill a wide range of requests of custom made film and look forward to hearing yours.

We also provide film and processing services not mentioned on this web page.Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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