For functional film

PANAC: All you need for functional film

PANAC is a company that combines trading and manufacturing functions for functional films.

 From smartphone touch panels to transportation cards, plastic films with functional performance are actively at work in various scenes around us.
 We cater to all types of functional film, from planning and development to manufacturing, procuring, processing and marketing.

PANAC's Three Main Pillars

Proposing and Realization
With over 50 years of experience and technology, our strength is the unbeatable procurement performance.
Realization of a wide variety of demands in an optimal way.
International Branches
Besides Japan, we have overseas branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Shanghai, Suzhou and Shenzhen.
Procurement and production at optimal locations.
One-stop solution
We support electronics and optical field production in clean room.
Consistent service from manufacturing, processing, to delivery.


A self-adhesive film with excellent workablity for installation or removal. Applicable for POP advertisement. With high heat-resistance and superior transparency, prevent scratches and stains. A perfect solution for protection and carrier film. Offering strong adhesion and high-transparency for display devices and other optical applications. Scatter the light by the fine uneveness on the coating surface, featuring a highly sharpness image and less glare.
Metal foil composite film
Plastic composite film
Used in a variety of fields and applications! Realize the necessary function demanded in industrial, optical or the other fields. Laminate products by metal foil and plastic film or metal foil mutally. Lamination with reduced wrinkles and curling. Laminate products of different materials such as olefin-based film and PET film, Lamination of various kinds of plastic film.

Products and Service

Slitting and
Lamination slit
Cutting and
Lamination cut
Punching Coating
We can slit materials of various plastic films, metal foil etc. to the size of your request. We can cut materials of various plastic films, metal foils etc. to the size of your request. Convert into requested shape for a wide variety of construction materials such as functional film or metal foil. Apply functional coating materials such as adhesive or hard-coating onto the surface of film or metal foil.
Printing and
Sheet Lamination
Laser cutting
and Knurling
Original "R2R"
Processing Technology
Printing on film with variety of designs. Lamination of adhesion film with the printed surface is also available. We can also support trial production, small lot and various processing. New functional film can be made by the lamination of various plastic film, metal foil or film with poor adhesion performace. Original “Roll to Roll” Processing technology combining new processing technology and current technology.