You can rely on PANAC for all your functional film needs.

Our four functions have developed PANAC into a representative company. We SEARCH for the most appropriate film for our clients from a wide range of types, and we CONVERT them into appropriate forms. We continue DEVELOPMENT to give it new functions, and we complete the process by achieving stable SUPPLY.

This process comes as a result of our dedication in meeting the customers' requirements as plastic film professionals, and has earned us the unyielding trust of our customers. PANAC continues to add value to its products and integrate all of the functions to a single prevailing power to develop a better future.

SEARCH: We take full advantage of our position as a trading company to search for the optimum film.
Key point
Taking advantage of our position as a specialized trading company, we conduct multi-faceted searches into numerous types of functional film to identify the appropriate product.
CONVERSION: We convert the film into the optimum form to meet the various requirements.
Key point
Instead of simply delivering the film in rolls, we process it into the required form. You'll discover the ease with which the film can be used.
DEVELOPMENT: We develop film that has new attributes.
Key point
In addition to searching and processing, we provide films with new attributes, such as coating and laminating, to create new products.
SUPPLY: We guarantee reliable product supply at all times.
Key point
We guarantee speedy and high-quality delivery -- that's product supply the PANAC way.

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