We convert the film to the optimum form

At PANAC, we convert films to various forms that meet the requirements, instead of simply delivering the film in rolls. We strive to enhance our clients' ease of using the film.

A processing system that responds to detailed orders
We aim to deliver films in a convenient form for our clients. We are more than happy to accept small-lot orders. Our state-of-the-art processing system responds to varied, small-lot production.

A large number of processing variations and superior technology
At PANAC, we offer a variety of processes, from slitting and cutting to cut-outs, bending, adhesive processing, or matting, laminating and coating. We develop equipment in-house to enable special processing.

Achieves high-quality processing using clean rooms
Processing demands strict quality. That is why we have installed a clean room and subject the processes to strict management. Coating is classified as a clean room process, and we achieve consistency in our high-quality processing.

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