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Declaration and Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Declaration of protecting personal information

Masahiro Miyashita, Chairman and President, PANAC Corporation

PANAC Corporation (hereafter "the company") believes that appropriate protection of personal information of clients and all people concerned with the company is an important social responsibility. We enforce the protection, management, operation and use of personal information according to the following policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Masahiro Miyashita, Chairman and President, PANAC Corporation

This Protection Policy defines the basic matters that must be complied with in order to appropriately manage and handle the personal information held by the company.

1.Compliance with regulations and standards
The company complies with regulations and other standards regarding personal information.
2.Enforcing appropriate management of information
The company appoints a manager of personal information to take appropriate preventative measures against misuse, loss, destruction, manipulation or divulgence of personal information. The company conducts educational training with all employees in the handling of personal information, and works toward appropriate management.
3.Purpose and scope of obtaining information
When obtaining personal information, the company clearly indicates the purpose of use and obtains information within necessary scope.
4.Use of information within the scope of purpose
The company does not use, provide, or hold information beyond the scope of use to which the owner or his/her guardian agreed, or beyond the range of request based on regulations.
5.Limiting and managing release
The company protects the confidentiality of personal information that it holds, and appropriately manages it to prevent handling beyond the scope of use to which the owner agreed or beyond the scope of the request based on regulations.
When releasing personal information outside the company according to the agreed scope of use, the company manages the information according to strict requirements.
6. Continuous improvement
To appropriately manage personal information, the company remains attentive to the changes in regulations, social standards and information technology. The company constantly reviews the management system, and promotes continuous improvement.

About handling with customer access information on website

Acquisition of access information by cookie and Web beacon

On our website, we use the technology of cookie (* 1) and web beacon (* 2) to use customer access information for the following purpose.

The information obtained by this technique is anonymous and we can’t identify a specific individual.
Also, we will not use it beyond the following purpose.

Purpose of using access information

  • To analyze the access information statistically and improve our website
  • To speed up the display a screen of our website

To those who are receiving e-mail magazine from our company

When using our website via the URL described in the mail magazine, we collect access logs.
In the access log, items such as IP address, browser type, domain name, etc. are collected in addition to the URL accessed.
We associate the access log with your personal information and use it for grasping the use situation of our website and measuring the effect of advertisement.

  • *1Cookie is the identification information transmitted from the Web server when accessing the website and sent from the browser to the server upon subsequent access.
    You can browse it more conveniently when you visit this website again.
  • *2A web beacon is a tag included in a page of a website to record that a page has been accessed.
    It is a technology to collect access information and to obtain statistics on the browsing rate of web pages.