We ensure client satisfaction

In addition to searching and converting, we provide films further properties, such as coating and laminating, that meet our clients' requirements and create new products.

Facilitate development that is unique to each client company
At PANAC, we listen to the requests of each client company and enhance the usefulness of the film, from selecting the base materials to modifying the adhesion. We strive in our everyday design and development to provide products that satisfy our clients.
Active development recommendations to film manufacturers
We conduct periodic meetings to discuss technology with film manufacturers concerning the development and improvement of film. We actively promote product development by communicating our clients' requests accurately to the manufacturers.
Prompt feedback of client information to assist in development
Our state-of-the-art groupware enables Sales and Technology to communicate intimately, and organize informational environment regarding product development at a nationwide level to ensure speedy and accurate product development concerning what should be made into what kind of material. We respond to the requests of our clients with knowledge and experience cultivated through years of research and development. We believe every client provides us with an opportunity. We recommend the area of development and create samples.
Expanded perspectives for the future
We have repeated interviews with Sales and clients, and coordinate with the Production Headquarters (Manufacturing Department) to direct the developed product to the production line. The requirements for functional films continue to expand. PANAC responds to this environment by promoting innovation and improvement in the base technology to strengthen the core competence in the field of adhesives and metal compounds, and to focus on improving competitive strength. We also keep close watch on the market trends and on our own roadmap to develop functional materials and products that respond to the market needs. One of our prospects for the future is to actively develop products under our own brand to create unique, high-tech products that will create new businesses.

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