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PANAC's Brand Statement

We have gathered the expertise of our employees in drafting this brand statement so that all our employees can share the common mission of enhancing the value of PANAC's service and declaring our commitment as a team to achieving our goals.

Our ideals included in the brand statement

Pursuing new possibilities in film

This slogan symbolizes every activity in which PANAC is engaged. We hope you will experience our creativity and energy in constantly pursuing new film applications and clients instead of simply focusing on the current applications and target clients.

Solutions that meet the genuine needs of our clients

This concerns our desire that our clients will experience PANAC's passion that you will find nowhere else when we adopt the client's perspective and respond to the client demands one step beyond the current state. The solution refers to the entire value that PANAC provides its clients.

A group of professionals

This indicates our commitment to cultivating a professional attitude in every employee and pride and confidence that each person is unrivaled in the job for which they are responsible.